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I have always had a passion for health and nutrition. Over the years I did my own research and homework in an effort to heal myself and others of different health ailments through proper nutrition, supplementation and holistic treatments.


At age 15 I started my first diet. Over the next two decades I tried several different diets and workout regimes in pursuit of the perfect protocol that would work for me. I felt as though I was always on a diet. The problem with so many of these programs is the fact that that they weren’t designed for me. Most dietary programs are very restrictive and focus on a template approach - One size fits all.  We all are unique and different and require different dietary plans to meet our goals. These template based approaches left me frustrated and discouraged with little results. I was also unaware of the damage that I was doing to my body and metabolism engaging in these low calorie restrictive diet programs.


Balance is the Key - In 2016 I started working with a nutrition coach who introduced me to a “flexible eating” lifestyle. I learned that I was undereating considering my daily activities and my workout schedule.  For the first time in years I was fueling my body properly and providing the nutrition that it needed. To say that this changed my life is an understatement. I vowed, moving forward, to truly take care of my body, now that I had this new knowledge.  The following year I was certified through the Nutritional Coaching Institute. The Nutritional Coaching Institute takes a macro-based approach rooted in the foundation that a proper nutritional prescription is based on each unique individual, not a template based diet of physical statistics.


I love to communicate and educate which is two main focal points during our time together. I really want you to learn as much as possible so that at some point you are able to venture off and continue to excel on your own.



  • Nutritional Coaching Institute 

Level I certification

Mentorship program participant

Hormone & Mindset certification

Business Systems

  • Equilibrium Energy + Education

Reiki Certification Level 1 & 2

Advanced Aesthetics License

  • Universal Spa Training Academy

  • Landmark Education

Leadership program


  • True U 

Medical Aesthetics License

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