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Jennifer L. 

"I always had anxiety when it came to eating, whether it be planning my meals or trying to find ways to avoid social situations in fear that I would eat the wrong foods or overeat. Food was always on my mind. Working with Heather has given me the freedom to look at food as a source of energy and not something to fear. It has changed my life as I now feel more confident in the choices that I make with food. She also helped in naturally restoring my hormone levels, increasing my energy,  and helping me get a better nights rest all by making some adjustments to my eating and lifestyle. I cannot thank Heather enough for the difference that she has made in my life."  

Sarah T.

"Heather is much more than a nutrition coach as she helps me navigate through life! She is so motivating and inspiring and gives it to me straight when I am veering away from my commitments. I have learned so much when it comes to finding foods that work for my system and that I also enjoy eating. I never have felt like I am on a dieting yet I have been losing weight. She has helped me create an eating plan that supports my lifestyle long term. She also has taught me the importance of limiting stress, getting quality sleep and taking care of myself. I am so happy to have crossed paths with her. "

Kelli A. 

"I am so thankful for finding Heather.  She has been super supportive in helping me lose over 20 lbs. but more importantly, helping me learn to live a healthier lifestyle with food and exercise. Heather has been very patient and encouraging on this journey. I have learned the importance of eating quality foods and also how to put together the right combination of foods for sustainable energy. For me, it is about making the right choices, eating whole foods and exercising."

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